Reasons For Studying Mainframe Programming Essay examples

Reasons For Studying Mainframe Programming Essay examples

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Figure 7: O’Malley, C. (2016) 5 reasons to learn mainframe programming.[ONLINE] Available at: (Accessed: 14 November 2016).

Next, a mainframe is an outsized computer being roughly the size of a fridge freezer that has intense capability of greatly overshadowing mid-range servers as it can stabilise and execute millions of workstations across a large-scale network. Solely fulfilment of such machinery is pursued by the government companies to assist with a hefty storage of millions of user’s confidential data. It can also be a demanded technology by large banks to maintain the actions of their millions of customers for increased security, consistency and substantial competence reasons.
Impact of Mainframes in Society

Researching how the mainframes affect everyday life, I have found that mainframes participate in the support of the global economy for highly authorised services (governments and banks) by either supporting financial or customer private data from a big scale of users. Extending from this point, there are many roles within the job industry that involve the function of the mainframes in their job sector as it is such a significant system for the world. Besides this, over 110,000 jobs that integrate the tasks of observing a mainframe means that it is such a serious technology and any crashes to this mainframe can result in hectic outcomes. Another reason for the sacrifice to ensuring the success of a mainframe is the value of 5.6 million in the ecosystem because of 1000 partners that are associated.

On mobile devices, nearly every app that support online banking with banking companies are rela...

... middle of paper ... the innovative super system.
Many staff members are obliged to maintain the supercomputer
Having such an extensive technology will be prone to specific issues and would most defiantly need a technical employee staff workforce.

The industries that approve of the use of a supercomputer consists of the obvious financial sector, database centres, cloud businesses, hospital institutions, space centres, weather forecasting and other world scaled networking.

Examples of Supercomputers

Supercomputer: Sunway-TaihuLight
The current supercomputer that is the world’s best is the Sunway-TaihuLight from China this year.

Supercomputer: Cray XC40

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