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Compare and Contrast Various Operating Systems Not long ago computers were non-existent in many homes. When computers were first introduced to the world, they were for the sole purpose of performing business functions. The only people who owned computers were large organizations. Eventually, computers were introduced into the homes of those who could afford to buy them. Today, just about everyone owns some form of system that they use daily to help manage their day-to-day operations. What many once survived without now seems impossible to do without. As technology continues to grow, it has a greater effect on families and the education system. Some companies such as Microsoft and Apple made it possible to reinvent a new form of technology that would change the world. Each company had some form of struggle and overtime had to keep up with the changes of time and the way people communicated. From the first day of its invention, organizations have had to steadily implement new operating systems to keep up with the demands of the people while staying afloat with competitors. The ways of life for many have changed as well as the way people communicate. It is evident that the history and uses of computers have changed the world but these computers could not perform without the operating systems. Various operating systems will be discussed, how they began and how they each changed since they were first introduced. Although, they all had a purpose each varied in how they performed and changed the lives of many and will continue in the near future. During the time of 1969, two-computer scientist that worked with the AT&T Bell Labaratories made the decision to lead a time-sharing computer system named Unix. This system was later modified... ... middle of paper ... ...ctioned, communicated, and performed their daily activities. In doing this however, they must stay on top of other competitors by creating new innovative ways to attract the consumers. Some had a long history while others had a short one. Some were provided great feature while others didn’t do so well in this area. One thing is for certain, each operating system provided a use for many consumers that helped not only in the personal lives of many but also within the business world. As we see the history shows that once upon a time what began as a way to for businesses to operate has now turned into a way that people communicate. Technology continues to grow and advance and with that waiting to see what the future holds is a mystery but I’m certain that it will be world of amazement especially seeing where operating systems have come from to where they are currently.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that computers were non-existent in many homes when they were first introduced to the world. as technology continues to grow, it has a greater effect on families and the education system.
  • Describes how a time-sharing computer system named unix was developed by two computer scientists at at&t bell labaratories.
  • Explains how microsoft introduced the windows operating system in the 1970s, which made life easier. the word processor, scroll bars, paint, notepad, calendar, and many other features were added.
  • Analyzes how the macintosh and windows os became the two most used operating systems in the homes of many.
  • Explains that linus torvalds created a free operating system called linux in 1991, and that it has continued to grow today.
  • Explains that the iphone was introduced to the world and since then it has grown dramatically over the course of seven years.
  • Explains that google's web browser, the android operating system, has become extremely successful in the mobile industry.
  • Explains google's idea to make web browsing and storing of data better for many. the web browser is the operating system, which means all data is stored on the internet or in the cloud.
  • Opines that each operating system was introduced with the same purpose; to introduce a new form of technology that would shape the way many lived, functioned, communicated and performed their daily activities.
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