The Reason For Seasons And The Sun Essay

The Reason For Seasons And The Sun Essay

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To begin, the reason for seasons is the change in the altitude of the noonday sun over the course of a year due to the fact that the earth is tilted 23 ½ degrees with respect to a line that is perpendicular to the plain of the earth’s orbit. Now, let’s break this concept down into smaller parts to get the full understanding.
The change in the altitude of the noonday sun simply means that the altitude at which the sun is shining onto the earth at noon every day is slowly changing every day throughout the year. And this change is because of the earth’s 23 ½ degree tilt. Have you ever noticed that the sun is higher in the sky in the summer, but lower in the sky in the winter? This is a visual of what was just explained. So, the same amount of sun is hitting the earth every day the same way, but the angle at which the sun is hitting the earth is slowly changing. From the end of winter to spring to summer the sun is slowly appearing higher and higher in the sky, which means the sun’s angle onto the earth is shining over a less and less amount of land at one time. Therefore, the earth’s g...

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