The Natural Factors And Natural Causes Of Climate Change

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Climate Change can result from both natural events and human activities. Some examples of natural causes of climate change are volcanic eruptions, ocean currents, solar variations, and earth’s orbital changes. Some examples of human activities are fossil fuels, warming of temperature due to industrialization, and deforestation of tropical rainforests. Factors of climate change can change and vary naturally over time. The issue of the fast increase in earth’s temperature over the past years is one of global importance and disputed origin. All these justifications are for the change in the earth’s temperature are valid, however, there is a reason to believe that human activity and carbon dioxide emissions are a great part of the cause for the…show more content…
If nothing is done about the reduction of the carbon dioxide in atmosphere, at least about the human contribution, our planet will be impact greatly. According to “Amazonian Deforestation: Impact of Global Warming on the Energy Balance and Climate”, “The effect of the regional changes in CO2 and in the anthropogenic greenhouse gases predicted for 2100 together with that caused by tropical deforestation... It can be seen that the higher impact on the energy balance is caused by the degradation of land. When the increase in greenhouse gases is taken into account together with the effect of deforestation, the changes are reduced, except in the case of the temperature. This is because of the increase in the thermal-infrared radiation flux emitted by the atmosphere toward the surface. The inclusion of the greenhouse gases leads to a reduction in the decrease of the specific humidity or even an increase in the specific humidity…” Deforestation and climate change can be perceived to be a spiteful cycle. Trees absorb water from the land and release it into the atmosphere through leaves. When forests are cleared as a result of human activities, water from the ground is not released into the atmosphere therefore, making the climate much drier. This implies that deforestation reduces the content of ground water, soil water as well as the atmospheric moisture. Trees are the major sources of water and with their removal; the natural water cycle is disrupted, leading to far reaching effects such as droughts. Furthermore, Deforestation leads to global warming due to increased presence of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. Forests in reality infuse up carbon dioxide gas and therefore, offsetting the levels of carbon

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