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While watching the video “Planet Earth Pole to Pole” I have learned many things such as One hundred years ago, there were 1 billion people on earth, and now there are more than 6 billion on earth. There are still places on earth where people have yet to interfere. One of the main reasons this is so untouched by humans is because of the harsh climates in these areas. The sun controls the life on earth. If the sun’s rays are too strong things will not grow and if the sun’s rays are weak things will not grow.
Male emperor penguins live in the Antarctic and face months with no sun. The temperature is minus 70 degrees Celsius. The penguins stay because they are guarding their eggs, which were above their feet under some fat. These are the
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The sun’s rays don’t reach the earth with enough energy to allow trees to grow. If you travel 500 miles south, you can see the beginning of the boreal forest. The furs need like trees have hardly any nutrition and do not allow for any life. These trees in this area are so numerous than the lack of trees up north they change the composition of the atmosphere. When you head further south the tree composition changes to allow for large leaf trees to grow and allow for a bustling ecosystem in the summer. During the winter time, the trees lose their leaves and animals must hibernate or move on to find more food.
In these winter times, the Amur leopard hunts and tries to find any food. These leopards are the rarest cats in the world. These cats are very hardy cats, but there are only forty left in the wild.
All animals depend on of the sun for energy. The sun 's energy brings color to the landscape which allows life to thrive. During the fall months, the trees, leaves begin to change colors. This change signals that winter is coming, and the trees are about to hibernate. Some organisms thrive on the decaying of other plants. Many animals leave in search of warmth and

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