Essay on The Real Tragedy Of The Poor Is The Poverty Of Their Efforts

Essay on The Real Tragedy Of The Poor Is The Poverty Of Their Efforts

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Adam Smith said, “The real tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their efforts.” People struggle through tangled obstacles everyday in the gust of heat; unfortunately, they receive little appreciation. Ho Chi Minh is a hectic city labeled with hardship: a rampaging crowd and varieties of weather; blood lusting bugs and sweaty half naked Asians; the streets of a disposal site and the dark secrecy of gambling. All of these contributing factors add up to be displeasing. Nevertheless, keeping an open mind to their traditional activities, foods, and entertainment is the trail to the vivid image of heaven.
Ho Chi Minh City is identified as one of the poorest suburbs in Saigon. Their activities are also classified to be “poor.” However, people are just too Americanized. When it comes to fishing, Ho Chi Minh City seems to have the upper hand because fish over there is overpopulated and they bite the bait the moment it sinks in the water. In contrast, California even during the fishing season, does not have many bait-thirsty fishes as compared to Vietnam. Also, their fishing style makes the Vietnamese culture unique. Americans rely on fishing rods, as opposed to the Asian community in the South, who rely on a mere bamboo stick that feels like it can never snap. Waiting on the clueless fish to yank on the teasing bait brings thrill because it is anticipating to watch the fish fall into the trap. The way the Vietnamese people fish is more valuable to having fun compared to the way Americans fish. They simply throw their bait into the ocean and leave their post, waiting for boredom to kill them. In addition, Ho Chi Minh’s unique style also branches out to similar daily things Americans do - hiking, biking, swimming - except with an add of s...

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...dless being overwhelmed by the compressing sweaty crowd, it is worth the while to watch the majestic lion leap in an alluring manner.
With every citizen in Ho Chi Minh City contributing to this low-income suburb, it will reach great potential once people appreciates what this city’s characteristics shines best in, variety in the most simplistic things. Being able to escape technology and relish in nature’s beauty is what this city emphasizes. Even if this city does not have a welcoming sign since they are under such economic distress, they have a silver lining that is undeniably shiny once looked upon. A simple hobby and tradition such as fishing, eating dumplings, and noodles can be expanded into something more sophisticated with their unique style of living. The freedom and creativity they have will be cherished in the city that will take you on a life-long journey.

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