Essay about The Real Purpose Of Chapel

Essay about The Real Purpose Of Chapel

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A place where college students are forced to swipe there id cards twice a week, Chapel has become less about worship and listening to the message of the chapel speakers. Instead it has become more of a place students use to socialize, catch up on much needed sleep, and play on their phones. Many Christian colleges face this issue and Spring Arbor University is no exception. This paper will look at what the real purpose of Chapel is based on the students who sit in the far back and students who sit toward the front. Through these observations, it becomes clear that Chapel is more about the student 's needs to finish tasks than it is for worship and listening to the Chapel speakers.

When students enter through the doors of Chapel, it becomes evident that many of them do not want to be there and seem to have better things to do with there lives. By looking around in Chapel it 's clear that many students are not paying attention. If someone where to come visit during Chapel time they would think it 's a place for students to take naps and do homework. Many students spend there time in Chapel looking down at there cell phones surfing the internet. The reason many students spend time on there cellphone is because they see no purpose in Chapel. I later asked several students what the message the Chapel speaker was trying to convey and many students said they weren 't paying attention or the speakers message was boring. It is as if Chapel is another class students are forced to take on campus.

The seating in Chapel suggests that it is a large place to gather and worship, but observation of the activity in the seating shows that this is truly not accurate. The seats located toward the back of Chapel are most misused. During Chapel ti...

... middle of paper ...

...ion. These students might connect better with the worship service then they do the Chapel speaker. It 's possible that students sitting in the back the rows actually like attending Chapel they just don 't care to listen to the Chapel speakers message.

Realizing that Chapel is more of a social gathering for students rather than a place where students can worship isn 't fully intended to draw people away from attending Chapel. Many students feel Chapel should be option, but students wouldn 't attend if that was the case. Ultimately, I feel it is the students choice to sit where ever they want and as students attending a Christian university they should pay attention to the Chapel speaker. If students choose to do homework, socialize, or catch up on much needed it only affects them, but by these students doings this other students feel as if they can get away with it.

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