Essay on The Real Deal with the Educational System

Essay on The Real Deal with the Educational System

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Considering our students, the education system has failed many because of the constant worry to compete rather than teach. The requirements and the motives of No Child Left Behind and The Common Core has caused a negative impact on our students due to teachers teaching the test in order to keep their funding. The Common Core and No Child Left Behind are both numbers driven. While teachers focus on keeping their funding, the government is focused on ranking and less about the minds of our future, our students.
No Child Left Behind requires standardized testing which requires students in a state to take the same test as everyone else under the same conditions. This is where NCLB and The Common Core are identical. Both laws participate in standardized testing. The difference between No Child Left Behind and The Common Core is their goals. The goal of Common Core is to prepare students for success, in college. While NCLB focuses on graduating from high school. However, the expectations are the problem.
The NCLB act requires schools to make the Adequate Yearly Progress. If AYP repeatedly fails, changes are made starting with labeling of the school, teacher replacements and possibly even a school closing. Teachers are being forced to teach the test in order to keep their jobs. The pressure to make AYP has created the process of “Teaching the Test” or even changing test scores. This style of teaching does not acknowledge a student’s strengths or weaknesses.
How can a student truly learn when they are being filled with answers rather than knowledge? Children are being pushed through the system to accomplish the goal of No Child Left Behind and receive funding. From personal experience, in elementary school, I received a slam dunk “A” o...

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.... How many generations are they going to call lazy? I believe those who are setting these standards are the ones who really need to educate themselves. There is no number one. This is why standardized testing is absolutely ridiculous and it baffles me that the government actually thinks that teaching students to follow is the best way to lead our nation. There are ways we can make our educational system and future improve.
The solutions to improve our educational system is one, stop using students for international competition. Instead of competing against other countries, we should learn from each other and help each other improve. Two, our standardized testing scores should also not be depended on for funding, which can stop the process of “Teaching the Test”. Our educational system can improve if the system stops focusing on numbers and more about our education.

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