Reading Skills That Construct Children 's Early Reading Achievement Essay

Reading Skills That Construct Children 's Early Reading Achievement Essay

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Significant studies have been instrumented to delve in mental development correlated in reading skills that construct children’s early reading achievement. These researches present plausible data of an important aspect of letter sound and phonological awareness. Whilst, the findings appears to point that synthetic phonics teach students better in word reading, spelling, and reading comprehension. In the case of synthetic phonics approach revealed a child develops the knowledge how to pronounce unknown printed words by sounding them out and blending the letters. Thus, a systematic approach is essential to beginner readers. While education experts formed viewpoint that analytic phonics method to teach children better at fluency in share rimes within words. Accordingly, the analytic phonics approach begins with an emphasis on words as opposed to on a particular sound to symbol relationships. Despite different teaching approaches may be implemented to teach it effectively, this paper is to examine the phonics debate that has long been in discussion for many years.

Over eight decades ago, there has been many views on methods of instruction to teach the skills in supporting the initial reading development. According to Martorana (1996, para.8) the phonics dispute dated back to 1930s, and the ‘look and say’ approach became a typical method to teach reading. For instance, reading the actual books such as Dick and Jane books for early readers to teach the process of reading and writing. Similarly, this method of reading children’s stories based on popular authors is consistently found in the Savage (2007, P. 133, para.3). Martorana (1996, para.11) added that Dr Alvin Kravitz from department of special education and reading in Brookville ...

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...e proven in collecting background evidence and data not only to provide information about the student’s current reading methods, it helps teachers to plan classroom programs, (Bayetto, 2009, p. 17).

On the whole early reading acquisition begins with letter sound knowledge and phoneme awareness. Various studies examine each of the teaching approaches in synthetic to explicit phonics, and analytic phonics to whole word instruction. The synthetic phonics approach involves teaching letter to sound correlations the then the sounds are blended to stress into words. Whereas, the analytic phonics approach has been taught to children of a sight word before breaking down to its constituent sounds. Overall, most teachers use several strategies to teach early literacy involving speaking, vocabulary, grammar, reading fluency, comprehension and the literacies of new technologies.

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