Essay about Rapid Response Team : Rapid Reaction Team

Essay about Rapid Response Team : Rapid Reaction Team

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Identify the purpose of the rapid response team
The rapid response team (RRT) main purpose is to save lives and decreases the risk for harm by providing care to patients before a respiratory or cardiac arrest occurs (Ignatavicius, 2013). All facilities have different protocols when it comes to activating the Rapid Response Team and Code Team. The rapid response team are on-site and always available, the rapid response team usually includes ICU nurses, intensivist, respiratory therapist, and a hospitalist. In most cases a nurse will call for the rapid response team, but the patient’s family also have the authority to activate the rapid response team. A nurse may activate the rapid response team if the patient has an acute change in heart rate, acute change in systolic blood pressure, acute change in respiratory rate, acute drop in O2 saturation, acute change in mental status, major drop in urine output (Resuscitation Central , 2010).The rapid response team does not replace the Code Team, who responds to a client who is actively in cardiac or respiratory arrests.
Explain when to call the RRT
The main purpose of a rapid response team (RRT) is to prevent cardiac arrest and to take action before the patient stops breathing. Every facility has a set of criteria that indicates a patient’s condition is declining, and then at that point the nurse will activate the rapid response team. A nurse or a patient’s family member can activate the RRT if the patient has an acute change in heart rate, acute change in systolic blood pressure, acute change in respiratory rate, acute drop in O2 saturation, acute change in mental status, major drop in urine output, new, repeated, or prolonged seizures, fractional inspired oxygen of 50% or greater, ...

... middle of paper ... should take time to communicate, empathize, and show concern to build trust and assess the patient’s needs (Ignatavicius, 2013). The nurse should also provide information on shelter, food and future medical resources. If the patient has a tobacco or substance abuse problem, the nurse should educate the patient on the benefit of cessation. The nurse should also provide information on preventative education the patient can understand and treatment options that are based on the patient’s ability adhere to.

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Resuscitation Central . (2010). RAPID RESPONSE AND MEDICAL EMERGENCY TEAMS. Resuscitation Central , 5.

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