Rape As A Weapon Of War Essay

Rape As A Weapon Of War Essay

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These policies are crucial because of the prevalence of rape during war and because some of these rapes will lead to unwanted pregnancies. Rape has historically been part of war and is one of the most invasive crimes that can be committed against a person. Whether it is the 200,000 Korean women held as sex slaves during WWII , the 250,000 to 500,000 girls and women that were raped during the Rwandan Genocide or the girls that have been kidnaped and are being used as sex slaves by ISIS , rape has historically been used as a weapon of war. Rape during times of conflict has been used as a way to humiliate, torture, degrade, and to perpetrate fear into communities. Sexualized and gendered violence has been rapidly increasing and is becoming very common throughout the world. It has been reported that in Syria government forces are raping women as a form of retaliation . In South Sudan where more than 50,000 people have been killed, the rape of women and girls is fairly common. Mary, a refugee whose entire family was slaughtered, states that when soldiers entered her camp they murdered her sons and stated ‘“We don’t kill the women and the girls…they said they would only rape us. As if rape were different than death’” . Mary not only had to endure being repeatedly raped, but she was also forced to witness the gang rape of her 10-year-old daughter as well. Mary was told to not resist when she was being raped as that would result in her being beat. As a result of being raped Mary found out that she was pregnant “She was pregnant and could only guess at which of the six different men that had raped her at the camp might be the father” . Mary did not want to keep the child but due to the Helms Amendment she was unable to go get an abortion....

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...gation to defend ‘his woman’…Frequently, though illogically, this belief translates into alienation or violence directed toward the only one whom he can punish, the women” . Men at times feel emasculated and take their anger and rage towards their partners.
When it comes to children who are born as a result of a rape they are typically isolated from the community and are seen as the enemy. These children’s identities are solely based on who their father is rather than who is raising them. At times those who are put up for adoption are usually not adopted because they are seen as children of the enemy and those adopting do not want to adopt a child that is the product of rape. These children have to deal with the constant abuse from their families, neighbors and they are born in a society where everyone including their own families usually sees them as the enemy .

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