Radiologic Technologist as a Career Essay

Radiologic Technologist as a Career Essay

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When choosing a career there are many factors that I will need to look at: will it be something I enjoy; am I just in it for the money; will the job be around years from now; how will it affect my family and me; how will I benefit from the job; and how will my personality fit in? I used to work at Conroe Regional Medical Center in the Radiology Department and watching everyone scurry around the halls was very exciting to me. I knew I always wanted to be in the medical industry I just really wasn’t sure where I would fit in just yet. Many times I have thought about going back to school, and many times I have put it off and I kept making excuses and for many reasons and many times I have put it off because I was scared. There finally came a time in my life to where I could not put it off anymore - it was now or never. In saying this I needed a job that will have a solid future and great job security. The career I have chosen is Radiology Technologist. The reason I have chosen radiology technologist is because I am a hands on person and love working with and seeing different people every day. Radiologic technologists have a great outlook in the job industry the employment is expected to grow 28 percent between 2010 and 2020. You can either work in a hospital setting which at times can be a hectic environment. Because many places offer the same imaging equipment that the hospitals have, you can now work in a clinical setting which would be a little more calm and regular set hours. In May 2010 the median yearly wage was $54,340 and can earn as high as $76,850.
Radiology technology is a science of using radiation to produce images. There are many jobs you can perform in diagnostic imaging usually a radiologic technologist will oft...

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... a patient down when they are scared. I know this career will not always be an easy one because you will come across some patients that can be combative, grumpy or scared and being able to learn how to communicate with them will make the process more smoothly. There will come a time when you come across a patient that will pull at your heart, as hard as it is I will have to keep my emotions in control but not so much so that I forget how to be gentle and caring with the patients because you may never know what their stories are.
Once I have completed my schooling and clinical courses, I will need to have completed a state board exam. Write a resume and gain interviews with reputable companies.

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