The Race, Racial Oppression, Native Americans, And Black People

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Over the course of eight weeks I have learned a lot about other ethnicities. So far we have talked about the social construct of race, stereotypes and racial oppression, Native Americans, and black people. While learning about these topics, I have grasped a lot of information that was not known and I really enjoyed learning these concepts. I will just inform you on a few of many readings, videos, and class lectures we have talked about in this paper. Let us begin! Over Spring Break we were required to watch We Shall Remain on the internet. The video was very informative, I grasped a lot of information on the Native Americans and when the Pilgrims came over and took their land. The English settlers got into a very bloody war with the Native people of the land. The war went on for a very long time because no one would surrender. The war mainly started after the English settlers came and they broke a treaty with the Indians, and that is what upraised the battle. In the second episode of Tecumseh’s Vision, Tecumseh was a great leader and chief who took command of the tribe and helped make the leadership better. Tecumseh was fighting for their homeland because the English settlers were trying to take it. He was a great leader who had a vision to inspire people and to prove that they will not go down without a fight. Tecumseh had many religious beliefs which contributed to his well-rounded leadership skills. We shall remain has taught me a lot about Native people to this land a long time ago and has really showed how our settlers took the land from this group of people. In class we are required to do a current event, and I thought mine was really interesting so I am going to talk about it once more. My article had to do with the threats... ... middle of paper ... ...g wrong with being that race. Also black music was very popular and people started to make their own music to accommodate the party. The only downfall on the black community was when Martin Luther King Jr died people lost faith in getting their rights. Since MLK was such a strong leader and convincing one who had a huge voice in that time period. During that time the government declared a war on drugs and the black communities were impacted greatly because of it. The police thought that every black person was the problem on the drugs so they were raiding their houses because of it. After that Africans started the music genre Rap because they could express themselves through this style of melody. It was mainly teens who started Rap but it carried onto other cultures in the long run. The Black Panther party is a group that will not be forgotten in our American History.
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