Race: The Montgomery Bus Boycott By Agustin Fuentes

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Agustin Fuentes believes that race is a complete myth. He suggests that what has been interpreted as a racial divide is not true but merely make-believe. However, anthropologists, such as Clarence Gravlee, insist that some aspects of race being a myth are true, while they are false in other areas. The reality of race is that society is divided into racial categories that end up having an effect on it. The mythical part of this ideology that scholars, such as Fuentes, advocate is the fact that humanity is divided into biological races. The researchers believe that white, black, and Asian are not biological or natural identities of people. The groups do not signify the differences in human nature. In itself, race is not an accurate way of describing …show more content…

The event followed a case where Rosa Park was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white man in a bus. The transport company services had a policy of segregation where black people were to stand for their white colleagues. If the former failed to do so, then they were immediately arrested. It showed that whites were so superior to blacks that they were to have total comfort even if it meant having it at the latter’s expense. The policy was a clear showing of white superiority. However, Mrs. Park’s defiance and the subsequent boycott was a reminder to the masses that skin color does not represent evolution. The bus company soon realized this, and it scrapped the segregation policy (Booke). It was the beginning of the realization that skin color did not represent superiority. In the end, this discernment dawned on the whole nation, and Jim Crow’s laws were repealed across the …show more content…

It is an accepted notion that race does not define an individual. However, it is an ideology that people have to deal with due to society’s nature. After the collapse of Jim Crow’s laws, race was not supposed to be a limiting factor on any individual in the United States. It had been widely accepted that it was nothing more than a myth. However, due to past transgressions, measures were put in place to ensure that people of color who had been harmed by segregation policies had easy access to tools that would better their lives. The fact that society believes that race is nothing more than a myth blinds people to the racial injustices that still take place. For instance, black people are six times more likely to be imprisoned than whites are. Moreover, three out of every four white persons do not have black friends. The opposite is true for two out of every three persons of African descent (Stockman). Nonetheless, the term race is slowly losing its meaning. A portion of society believes that being black will get you killed, while the other is of the opinion that it gets you a free pass to college. Despite the fact that that racism is a myth, there is still the unbearable truth that racial issues are present with little change on the

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that agustin fuentes believes that race is a complete myth and that society is divided into racial categories that end up having an effect on it.
  • Explains that race and ethnicity refer to two different ideologies. the latter describes groups of people based on their history, culture, language, social ties, and shared identities.
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