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Throughout this semester, I have been challenged to think about how I view different races, genders, and classes. The assignment that challenged me to think the most was the race card project. The race card project is a task to describe what race means to you in six words. It prompted me think about how much the word race means to people. Although there are many skin colors, we are all the same inside.
Sociology by definition, can be described as the systematic study of human societies. Sociologists study the social context in which we live because we are more social beings than we are individuals. We have learned how we see sex, gender, and race differently during this course. During the race portion of the course, we were assigned to do the race card project.
Although the race card project was primarily revolved around race (of course), it also involved gender. I found while reading other submissions that gender played a huge role in discrimination. It was evident that more submissions were from African American woman than African American men.
Race is a socially constructed idea that refers to people who share selected physical characteristics that are given social meaning. The most important part of that sentence is: socially constructed. Race is just an invented classification system. As our society moves forward, the ideas about the different racial groups will change with time. Race only describes skin color or other physical differences and not what is inside. Overall, humans are ninety-nine point nine percent genetically identical.
When I learned that humans are almost genetically identical I couldn’t believe it. I had always thought that all the races had little differences in organs or bone structure. I guess I...

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...have said: “Caucasian is obviously the supreme race”. Which I can now see race no longer matters to me. When I did the race card project, my sentence was: “A box you check on applications”. Sometimes on applications they don’t have a certain person’s race listed. If anything, I think it should be more of a fill-in-the-blank question.
Sociology has definitely been a class that has challenged me to question my views and actions towards other races. This course has given me a clearer view on not only on different races, but also genders and sex. The race card project has showed me that any non-Caucasian race is more likely to be discriminated against. Skin color should never matter when you are evaluating a person. Just because Caucasians make up over half of the population, doesn’t mean you should treat Hispanics, African Americans, or Chinese people any differently.

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