Questions On The 's The Reign Of Error, The Hoax Of The Privatization Movement And The Danger Of

Questions On The 's The Reign Of Error, The Hoax Of The Privatization Movement And The Danger Of

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1. Ravitch provides 11 solutions. Choose three of these solutions.
a. Identify and discuss the problem the solution would address.
b. How do these solutions compare with the positions of theorists and researchers you encountered in your Core courses?
c. Discuss the potential for successful implementation.
d. Be sure to provide support and evidence for your arguments.

Diane Ravitch’s book the Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America 's Public Schools offers 11 solutions to issues the government and stakeholders deem problematic. The three solutions addressed in this section will be 1). Make high-quality early education available to all children: 2). Reduce class size to improve student achievement and behavior: and 3). Ban for-profit charters and charter chains and ensure that charter schools collaborate with public schools to support better education for all children (2013).
Ravitch discusses how to make high-quality early education available to every child (2013, p 230). Today more than ever a disparity in equal access to education is evident. Charter schools, vouchers, school district realignment, are the resources touted as the “magic solution”. The federal government has taken steps to assure equal access by initiating No Child Left Behind (NCLB).
NCLB did not take into consideration the demographics of the family and the soft skills needed for educational attainment: family involvement, motivation, self –discipline, and social skills (Ravitch, 2013, p.231). NCLB according to Ravitch was not “field tested”. A plan was developed, the idea seemed fail proof and implemented. However, an important factor that was not considered was the family component. A child cannot c...

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