Essay about Questions On The Politics Of Curriculum

Essay about Questions On The Politics Of Curriculum

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2) Subject Maintenance
Levin (2007) has described that the politics of curriculum actually involves two kinds of discussions, they are the overall shape of school curricula and the content of particular subjects. The first discussion, which includes what subjects should be taught and how much of each, has always been the subject of debate and public attention in many countries. This also can be easily found in Indonesia especially in private schools in which they have an authority to create their own curriculum.
In general, the subjects that should be taught are the same in all Indonesians schools (Yulia, 2014). The core subjects – Bahasa Indonesia, English, Mathematics and Science have been given more teaching hours because of the national examinations. It is not only adding more teaching hours for these four subjects, but also giving extra classes after school. The religion subject, which is also a compulsory subject, is taught normally for two or three hours in most public schools. However, in Islamic-based schools, Yulia (2014) asserts that the religion subjects consisting of the discussion of the Qur’an and Hadith as well as Arabic take seven to ten hours per week which eventually impact on the longer hour learning in those private schools.
Having known that curriculum is often influenced by school goals, it can be understood that some private schools put more emphasis on learning religion subjects than any other subjects. Hence, subject maintenance, in this case is religion, greatly impacts on curriculum design in Indonesian private schools.

Personal Reflection
After reading the given module and listening to the lecture, recently I understand that curriculum has a broader meaning. Curriculum does not only refer to a forma...

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...ill benefit for all the stakeholders. For instance, in 2009 Finland was announced as a country that successfully reforms its educational system. This improvement ultimately brings some advantages for all of the stakeholders, especially the government. In the same way, if one curriculum fails to be implemented, it will suffer all the stakeholders, especially the students as the curriculum consumers. In the United States, for example, in 1988 nearly half of the students were frequently absent and about one third had been sent to the office for misbehaving. Brady and Kennedy (2010) suggests that this is the result of meaningless and irrelevant curriculum. To conclude, curriculum is quite complex process and many participants are involved in this schooling system. Whether it succeeds or fails will directly impact on all of the stakeholders because it belongs to everyone.

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