Questions On Ownership Pl Owning Accountability Essay

Questions On Ownership Pl Owning Accountability Essay

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Ownership Plan

Owning Accountability
What are the three skills of accountability mentioned in the book? Have you used these skills this semester and if so, how? How do you plan to be accountable and follow through and fulfill your academic responsibilities in the future? (20 points)
Accountability is defined as the act of taking responsibility for our own action or deeds. Accountability is composed of three skills that are: thinking clearly before committing, make reasonable commitments and follow through consistently. The first skill involves actions such as thinking before responding and being able to ask question and do research. In addition, the second skill, make reasonable commitments, explain the importance of understanding and being able to understand what is expected. Lastly, the third skill is to follow direction and planning ahead and being able to revised the work. In my own perspective I am planning in be accountable be taking responsibility of my grades and also by planning ahead and putt all the effort that a career required. Also I would try to search information and also be on top on things.
What three principles support accountability? Have you demonstrated these skills this semester and if so, how? How can you improve in these areas in the future?
Second, accountability is supported by three principles this principle are self-awareness, effective communication, and self-advocacy. Of the three skill I believe I have only put in practice self-awareness some effective communication and very little self advocacy. I think I am a person who knows how to recognize my mistakes but sometimes I don’t take the time to improved it. I believe I can improve this area by communicating with my classmate and professor. ...

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...e notes. I believed that I have put in practice active listening and reading but I am really weak review the notes after classes. I need to work in reviewing my notes and spending more time rereading the chapters.
In summary, after reflecting on the answers you gave to the above questions, what positive steps do you plan to take next semester to “Own Your Education?” (20 points)

In summary, I plan to take many positive steps one of them is scheduling the time to get work done, Second, planning things ahead and try not to leave everything until the last minutes. Lastly, I plan to stablish a better communication with my professors and classmates. I am aware that my communication with my teachers is good but also needs more improvement. I plan to leave my insecurity and believe more in myself and prove to myself that I can do all thing in Christ who strengthens me.

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