Quality Of Water For The Coast Of Kasaragod District, North Kerala Essay

Quality Of Water For The Coast Of Kasaragod District, North Kerala Essay

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The study was carried out to estimate the groundwater quality along the coast of Kasaragod district, north Kerala. Totally forty five water samples were collected during month April 2016 to July 2016. The quality was determined based on the physicochemical parameters such as pH, EC, Salinity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Total Hardness (TH), Calcium (Ca2+), Magnesium (Mg2+) and Total Alkalinity (TA). The Physico-chemical parameters were analyzed by using APHA and WHO standard procedure. The results were compared with standards prescribed by IS 10500 (2012) and WHO (2006). The current study indicate that quality of water varies from hard to soft during pre monsoon to monsoon seasons therefor in pre monsoon, many locations were crossed the permissible limit. Whereas majority of the groundwater samples along the coast indicate suitable for drinking purpose.
From the time of human history, majority of the human settlements were along the coastal and river sides due to the available of water supplies.1 Globally, Groundwater is estimated to give about 50% present drinking water supplies. Although saltwater intrusion along the coastal region affecting a serious problem for freshwater aquifer.2 The occurrence of saline water intrusion is extensive and represent a special category of ground water pollution (Atkinson et al.,1986). Based on the seasonal geochemical and resistivity variations are useful for determine groundwater quality. 3 In coastal aquifers, Excessive pumping of groundwater and other human activities that reduce groundwater level and fresh water flow (Reilly and Goodman 1987).4 There are many planning’s and management of coastal aquifer is based on understanding of saline intrusion into the coastal aquifer. I...

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... of Kasaragod district were selected ( Fig.1). Sample locations were fixed with the help of Global positioning system (GPS).7 Every year, the district receives an average of 3500mm rainfall. Annually 85.3% of the total rainfall based on south west monsoon from June to September (Soman; Krishnakumar, 1990; CGWB, 2013).
Totally forty five water samples were collected from shallow open wells in coastal region along the Kasaragod district, northern Kerala. Water samples were covered 87km along the coast during pre monsoon (April 2016) and monsoon period (July 2016). In situ measurements like pH, EC, TDS, Temperature, and salinity were measured in the field using multi parameter instrument (Hanna- HI 98195).Based on the titration method, ionic contents (Total hardness, Total Alkalinity, Mg2+, Ca2+) of water samples were determined in the laboratory( APHA….).

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