Quality And Standard Of Dish Essay

Quality And Standard Of Dish Essay

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I will assign them with certain duties and after having a look at the result.
I will measure them by:
1)simple ranking
2)forced distribution
3)paired comparison method
Performance objectives:
I will ask each of them to prepare a new dish. I will monitor how are they working. I will focus on
1)whether they took advice from the executive chef( which will help me finding out whether they are cooperating or not.)
2)did they consider cost of their dishes.(this will let me know whether they care of generating profit or not)
3)i will see whether they considered the quality and standard of dish.( by this I will come to know that whether they are considering the resorts policies standards reputation or not which is very important.)
After analyzing all this I will give them a performance feedback:
I will schedule a performance feedback session and analyze the results so that I can give them a true feedback of what they deserve if something needs to improved or focused.
If they meet all the objectives I will say that they really did a good job and I will appreciate their talent.
If they meet two out of three objectives I will let them know about the errors they did and how can they be more focused and fulfill all the three objectives. I will explain them the importance of each and every objective.
If they only meet one of three objectives I will say them that I really like their attention and focus and I will appreciate their hard work but I will also tell them they are good and I need them to be very good. I just want them to know that they are good and they can do better.
At last but not the least I will say them that I just want from them is little more effort and a good result which will help in increasing resort’s profit image and ...

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...ion. All workers will profit by preparing modules identified with cover organization arrangements and methods.
By this method, trainees gain knowledge and desired skills in each position
5) Evaluate result of training:
To help in future preparing legitimization, human asset chiefs must screen and assess the aftereffects of preparing. On the off chance that preparation negatively affects the organization, the preparation program or individual modules must be scrapped or patched up. In the event that preparation gives quantifiable outcomes in meeting objectives and requirements, continuation of the program is supported. Monitor worker, division and general organization execution previously, then after the fact preparing to decide the viability of the program.
This methods helps the trainee and supervisor to get satisfied and helps them to improve their performance.

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