Pushing Technology in Education Essay

Pushing Technology in Education Essay

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Technology is the key point that involves the improvement of education in schools in the United States. It makes a 360 degree turn from what education used to do in the past as the change of chalk and eraser by power point slides; or the use of draws made by the teacher for the interactive images that Google provides users. These were changes that technology has made in education and consequently prevents the student or teacher waste time to learn a topic. Technology has been involved with new products which are expensive but could provide much more in students’ education. Google Glass is the most helpful and innovative technological device in 2014. Tablets are less heavy and are replacing laptops and computers. E-books are taking place instead of old printed books and getting reading experience. Online assignment is becoming more usable than the old hand-tasks. Also, Interactive display is a tool that facilitates the process of teaching on teachers. Pushing more technology in education will be the way to achieve great progress in learning.
Punishing the use of virtual display will help the teacher to handle a combination of software and hardware to facilitate interactive images in real time which can be handled by the instructor. This device will catch the attention of the student due to its modernity and will change the old teaching model of just talking and dictate. “Some other type of company as Fox News started to use this dispositive in order to be update with reality and provide greater technology to viewers”. (New York Daily News). This prove that using virtual display in schools will be an advantage due to its modernity and interactive images that the students could learn easily. Students will want to always be up to dat...

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