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Students Wearing Uniforms in Public Schools
Where did you get that outfit? You look so fine! Why does she always where that outfit? Doesn’t she have anything else? These are the inquires that hops on to the train of thought in students mind when they go to school. The main effort is not laid on education, and if it is somewhat an idea, it’s about getting high grades through extra credit and not so much learning the material. Public school students are rapidly redefining the meaning of education. Education has been drawn into a world of fashion, because students are redirecting their focus on how they dress instead of concentrating on their academics. Due to the lack of attention on education, the use of uniforms ought to be an investment that all public schools should consider. This being implemented in public schools would be for the better interest of the students for many reasons; learning will be achieved, a level of professionalism, there will be a level play field, it is time and cost efficient, serves as a source of identification and provides security for the students.
Growing up in the Caribbean, Uniforms have always been the clothing that schools found ideal for students. This has been a big deal to all the schools, because these entity caters for; parents who aren’t financially able to afford expensive trendy brand of clothing for their children, who are trying to keep up with the fashion and styles. “Some youngsters will delay or not purchase books and supplies, instead using their money for clothing, accessories, or hairstyling. Others may skip school or work long hours after school-or worse, become involved in illegal activities--to finance fashionable wardrobes. Some educators feel that many young people view s...

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...iolence in schools, and how it provides safety to the environment. For this reason Uniforms should be one of the greatest investment in public schools.

Uniforms can be viewed as an asset to students, to schools and to society as a whole. Uniforms has proven in this research that it can improve the atmosphere in which children learn. The focus will not be on high fashion but will be turned to the educational focus. Uniforms also revealed home the violence and crime rates have fallen in different schools. It shows how it brings the school together, provides security. This proves the many advantages of investing in uniform. School board and Government look into the idea of investing financially in public schools having uniforms, this could create for the new future society a better environment, more successful careers and leaders, family working more effectively.

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