Public Information For Federal Employment Opportunities Essay

Public Information For Federal Employment Opportunities Essay

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As I began to read and analyzed the Merit Systems Protection Board’s publication, I realized the federal sector vacancy announcements are different from the private sectors.
The Merit Systems Protection Board argument was direct and required immediate action to prevent a serious shortage in government staffing. The notice also lectured the need of locating highly competent new employees to replace retiring workers. There were suggestions provided to aid the challenges that the government could face, such as providing an extensive recruiting approach to attract vastly competent applicants. An important approach mentioned to restructure the vacancy announcements and provide support with the recruiting efforts. The vacancy announcement is the key source of public information for federal employment opportunities.
Information regarding the vacancy announcements are important source to help correct the poorly written job announcements, which does not sell the government, the agency, or the position. These problems do not help the government recruiting efforts. Marshall also iterated, that the vacancy announcement is difficult to understand, and it may be the reason for many applicants to ignore or refused to apply for federal jobs.
The article explained, that many agencies lack comprehensive recruiting and assessment strategies. These are the main sources in attracting, and hiring vastly competent candidates. The information that provided by Marshall should help assist the government resolve any inadequacies in the future. This can help attract and hire highly competent candidates. Per the Professor Bachrach quote, “we have the opportunity to change the recruiting recipe to meet our agency needs…”


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... have Precision in your corner, you can’t lose. With the speed of today’s business world, your perfect job could pass you by…”
Article two and three postings in the private sector advertisement were very interesting and attractive. I thought the Army National Guard announcement would posted on USAJOBS as well as, their agency website, however, it is a good marketing strategy. Most of the articles were interesting and easy reading especially, the private sectors, job announcements. The job announcements also formatted differently, as well as, the federal job announcements. Both agencies can choose the way to market their candidates. The qualifications statements in 2014 are better than the ones noted in the MSPB example. The threatening language on the MSPB in the federal advertisement refers to, “quality of vacancy announcements generally is not good.”

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