The Psychometric Questionnaire Formulated Ration Psychological Preferences

The Psychometric Questionnaire Formulated Ration Psychological Preferences

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What INTP Means to Me
Justin Stevenson
King University

The psychometric questionnaire formulated to ration psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions is called the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator. The MBTI is an assessment that was designed by Kathrine Briggs and Isabel Myers by adapting Carl Jung’s theories. Jung postulated that there are four fundamental cerebral functions for which we perceive reality: Extraversion-Introversion (E-I), Sensing-Intuition (S-N), Thinking-Feeling (T-F), and Judging-Perceiving (J-P). As a result of following the directions for this week’s module, I partook in this seventy question assessment which took a great deal of self-reflection. Upon conclusion of the assessment, I received the label Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving or INTP. This paper will highlight the personality type that was divulged to me as mine, and both the correlations and the differences of this reality. Also, this paper will aim to give insight into the benefits and downfalls of this personality classification.

What INTP Means to Me
The embodiment of Jung’s theory is that much seemingly arbitrary variations in the behavior is actually quite systematic and consistent. These behaviors are primarily due to basic alterations in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment. Isabel Myers and her mother Katharine Briggs adopted Jung’s typological theories which explore the fundamental cerebral functions for which we perceive reality. Each individual that participates in this assessment are grouped into four categories: Extraversion-Introversion (E-I), Sensing-Intuition (S-N), Thinking-Feeling (T-F), and Judging-Perceiving (J-P). Of t...

... middle of paper ... have the same quirks as I encompass. Many of my friends have the same response when I ponder about the possibility of somebody else out there like me, “This world cannot have but so many of you.”
One aspect that I am certain of about my life is that I am a thinker and my inner world is a place governed by a strong sense of logical structure. This has been emphasized by the label placed upon me after taking the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator. Jung, Myers, and Brigg did a phenomenal job incorporating all that they did within a test that only takes a couple of minutes and is as precise as it is. At first, I had my skepticism and would’ve grouped this within the pseudoscience category. Instead, now I feel as if this may be one of the most concrete personality tests I have ever participated in. I truly think that the label INTP is perfect for my personality type.

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