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Psychology : ' The Stream Of Consciousness ' Essays

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The word, “Psychology” can strike fear and anxiety in many people. Usually when hearing the word, they develop a sense of insecurity through the belief that it is the picking of one’s brain, but that 's simply not the case. Founded by William Wundt in 1879 with the start of the experiment, “The Stream of Consciousness” and the first laboratory for the intent of psychological research, Psychology in its definite terms, is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. As quoted by a famous psychologist named Ivan Pavlov, "Don 't become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin." In my personal life I have traced many of my successes, failures, and growth back to psychology, but never before have my eyes been opened to how important this particular science was until I saw it in action myself. The four most profound parts of psychology that i saw predominantly was that of Learning, Development, Personality, and Stress.
Learning is the process that produces a relatively enduring change in behavior or knowledge as a result of past experience. The ways in which to learn is known as conditioning, which is a learning association between environmental events and behavior processes. There are many different types of conditioning, but the one in which I have been taught and have grown up with was that of classical conditioning. Classical conditioning which is usually paired with psychologist Ivan Pavlov and John B. Watson, is reflective and autonomic, meaning that it is based upon emotional and physiological behavior. The basis of classical conditioning revolves around five key factors, an unconditioned stimulus, an unconditioned response, a neutral stimulus, a conditioned stimulus a...

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... that information I would describe myself as an optimist looking at the opportunities in life, though there are times when I 'm pessimistic as things get really rough causing me to lose hope and not even me coping with it will change the outcome.
In the final analysis I can say that Psychology even without me knowing, has made a major impact in my life. It helped me learn, develop, and have a personality in which helps me deal with my own personal stressors. Reflecting back on these things made me come to the conclusion that psychology should be taught to everyone to not scare people or to make them anxious that psychology is about picking into one’s head but to show how psychology has played a role in their life and also the life of the human race. “The Purpose of Psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know the best” -Paul Valery

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