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Psychology : The Brain And Human Thinking Essays

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In most careers today, human interaction plays a key role in day to day work. Usually, people work with other people in their line of work. Even one man jobs deal with people at one time or another. In a lot of careers, people are helping other people. Sometimes, it’s hard to help someone when you don’t fully understand how to deal with what they are feeling or going through. That’s why when people are taking the path to many careers through college, they often end up having to take a psychology class of some sort. Psychology helps us better understand people’s emotions and actions. It can help people study others personalities and behaviors and come up with theories or hypotheses. Taking psychology can benefit almost every career out there. It can help people have a better understanding of the people around them. Psychology can also give people a better understanding of themselves.
Psychology contributes to careers of many types. With Cognitive Neuroscience they study the brain and human thinking. It’s used to get a better understanding of the brain. Psychology comes in when they use psychotherapy on the mind to see what state someone is in and if there is a need for medication. To become a cognitive neuroscientist, you need at least four years of college. KPD School of Arts and Sciences neuroscience majors must complete a minimum of 59 credits (Degree Requirements, 2008). Most colleges require psychology classes through all four years. Some even have over half of their required classes psychology classes. Once one graduates with a neuroscience degree it is usually required that they complete a fellowship where they are working side by side with a professional in that field (Careers in Cognitive. N.d.). It could be mont...

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...with people retiring and not as many people finding an interest in that field of work. If someone has a love for kids and wants to help them climb the educational ladder, teaching is the job to go for. Teachers are going to help mold our future generations.
I chose to research Cognitive Neuroscience because it seemed interesting and I wanted to learn more about it. I chose to research on Customer Service Agents because they seem to be needed in most places of business and it was good to know information about them. I chose to research teachers because I plan on becoming a teacher as my career and it was good for me to find out all the important information that I was going to end up needing to know anyways. After researching these careers and the roles psychology has in each, I have realized how important psychology is and how it ends up helping in day to day life.

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