Psychology, Sports, Religion And More Essays

Psychology, Sports, Religion And More Essays

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The name of the study I participated in was Personality and Emotions. It is being conducted by Gregory Carter from York St. John University and Laith Al-Shawaf from Bilkent University. York St. John University, located in York England, is a religion based public university that has a range of subjects with an outstanding graduation rate of 90%. They have become very involved in research studies on health related profession studies, psychology, sports, religion and more. The University of Bilkent is known as the first private university in Turkey that was built with the intention to promote greatness and research in education. The researchers main goal was to find out how a person´s personality associates with their view on life and their style of handling life.
In this survey I was asked very basic questions at first and I believe they are only intended for the researchers to know where to classify me when my results are in. The survey is completely anonymous and there is no questions that question my identity. The first question was my age, followed by my gender and sexual preference. After that the questions got a little more intimate with how I react to certain situations or what represents me least or most accurately. The first set of questions were something like this; ¨lose my temper¨ and I had to select from very inaccurate to very accurate. I was self evaluating how I am when my mood is altered. The next set of questions involved subject like ¨Am I willing to take risks" and I had to evaluate myself whether it represented me very inaccurately to very accurate. This part seems to just evaluate if I am able to respond to fear with grace or am I really just a coward.
In the next section I was given ideas of situations ...

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... leave at anytime.
In the research I participated informed consent was used before the experiment. I was told the purpose which was to test my personality and emotions through different concepts. Then I was told it was for people 18 and over. Another ethical guideline was protection of participants where they told me I was allowed to leave the study if I was to become distressed with any of the questions. Confidentiality was also enforced by keeping my identity anonymous and had no link to me. This really made me feel secure like I can be honey without being traced and judged for my answers. Last is withdrawal from the investigation they stated that I had the right to leave the study for any reason I might have. I wish debriefing was available to me because I do have questions and I do want to know the results. Like what did the questions say about my personality.

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