Psychology : Personality And Conscious Mind With Respect Essay

Psychology : Personality And Conscious Mind With Respect Essay

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Psychology is a broad term used in today’s society. It mainly deals with the study of the unconscious and conscious mind with respect to behavior, yet branches out into far more developed ideas. One idea is known as personality. Personality is unique to everyone. It exhibits how one behaves when placed in a certain situation, and is dependent on multiple psychological attributes. Qualities of a personality can either be negative or positive, for it is dependent on the individual’s actions and attitude towards the environment. These qualities can also be influenced with a variety of factors. There are numerous tests that tend to place your personality into a category, but this is mere impossible due to the fact that everyone portrays different traits. For instance, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test may place you in the classification of ISTJ, but you may also show some personality traits of ESTJ. This is what happened to me. Personality tests can be confusing, because they are broad and do not give the full-picture. You can also investigate personality by using the Sigmund Freud approach. This type of outlook is split into three major personality structures: the id, the ego, and the superego. Each structure helps to shape the moral conscious. There are various other approaches that may contribute to your understanding of personality such as the trait theory approach, the social cognitive approach, and the humanistic approach. Additional efficient ways to understand your personality is to truly observe yourself and how you deal with problems like stress and defense mechanisms; as well as, contrasting how you perceive yourself versus other people’s perceptions of you.

The first step in determining a well-rounded identity is...

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...e to obtain self-actualization. He concurred that self-actualization occurs when the ideal self and real self images coincide with each other. However, congruency between the two doesn’t always transpire due to the fact that the ideal self is not real and out of reach, while the real self is what you are. In Roger’s humanistic psychology the difference between the real-self and the ideal-self is known as incongruity. I can apply this method of personality to my project by comparing what I view myself as; to how other people view me. The way I view myself can also be called my ideal self because it is what I think I am or inspire to be. The real self image is how other people view me, for it is observable and apparent, even though, I may not be able to share the same perspective. By comparing the two, you are able to determine how close you are to self-actualization.

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