The Psychology Of Mental Illness Essay

The Psychology Of Mental Illness Essay

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The psychology of people in today’s society has always been set by a constant standard. Today’s life standards are set by many different areas of life, psychology just merely being one of them. Psychology according to the Webster Online Dictionary is concerned with the science or study of the mind and behavior. The psychology standard is made up by things such as brain biology, impulse and reactions, the way we do what we do, and the way we think what we think. A big area of psychology and the study of brain biology is mental illness. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, over 26 percent of all Americans suffer from at least one mental disorder. (
Triad Mental health defined mental health as “a mental illness is a disease of the brain that causes mild to severe disturbances in thought and/or behavior, resulting in an inability to cope with life’s ordinary demands and routines.” According to the Mayo Clinic Staff some of the most common examples of mental illnesses include disorders such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and common addictive behaviors. People can be diagnosed with strictly one of these disorders, but others could also have more than one of these at a time. Most people think that mental illness is not real. People think that mental illness is a choice. Although, “a mental illness is a disease of the brain that causes mild to severe disturbances in thought and/or behavior, resulting in an inability to cope with life’s ordinary demands and routines.” ( Mental illnesses are physically a change within your brain and it can not be fixed with one simple change.
Some people often question what are the causes of mental illnesses, because in most cas...

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...eties and people may try and stigmatize or look down on you because of this illness. Although, you should never be ashamed of suffering from a mental illness. Never feel alone because approximately one in every five adults and adolescents in the US stuffer from a mental illness. (
Overall, mental health is something many people keep to themself, or they keep quiet about. Too many people think that a mental illness is a weakness. Although it may be a temporary setback, it will make you stronger. Never think of this as a negative thing. Life is hard, and everyone has their own battles, and handles things differently. Always be proud of who you are, and what makes you who you are today. Never be afraid to reach out to someone struggling, or if you are struggling reach out and get help. Society today is learning to accept, and it can only move forward from here.

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