Impact Of Hitler's Rise To Power

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Hitler’s Journey to Power

Hitler believed strongly in his judgement and his ability to lead.“Adolf Hitler considered himself singled out by fate to lead Germany to greatness.”(Lace 52). His early life impacted the person we study today. Hitler was able to rise to power due to the citizens of Germany that were on his side and the strategy he had for gaining power. His early life also had a major impacts on his rise to power. Hitler's early life was full of hardships that impacted the leader that he grew up to be. For example, when Hitler was thirteen years old, his cruel father passed away(Noakes). As a result he, was raised by his mother who adored and pampered him. Hitler was born August of 1889 and was raised in Austria-Hungary (
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“Hitler was a powerful and spellbinding speaker who attracted a wide following of Germans desperate for change” (Introduction to the Holocaust). Since Hitler was able to convince people that his beliefs about the Jews were correct, he was able to form the Nazi army. Hitler took advantage of the weak in order to become chancellor (Hitler's Rise to Power). Hitler promised the poor and powerless glory and riches if they joined his movement. This was successful in many cases. After becoming chancellor, he made his next plan to to take complete control of Germany.(Hitler's Rise to Power). Do to Hitler's strategy to gain power, he was able to do so quickly. “Adolf Hitler was so forceful in his ideas and his opinions that it was rare that anyone dare to oppose or contradict him” (Lace 58). Adolf Hitler’s ambition along with sharing lies about the Jewish citizens to the Germans is how he gained power in a short amount of…show more content…
“Hitler achieved full control over the legislative and executive branches of government.”(Adolf Hitler). As a result, he had total power over Germany and could make decisions as he chose. “As the 1920s drew to a close, Adolf Hitler's Nazis became a cohesive political force that was spreading its tentacles through Germany.” (Lace 51) In 1940 Hitler's army were able to invade that nations of France, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium (Adolf Hitler). These are just a few of Hitler’s major achievements during his time of power.

In summary, Hitler was able to rise to power due to the citizens of Germany he had on his side and the strategy he had for gaining power. Unlike other leaders in the past, Hitler used people's vulnerability to get them on his side. His early life experiences also played a major role in his ability to take total control of Germany so
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