Essay on Psychology Is A Field Of Study

Essay on Psychology Is A Field Of Study

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Psychology is a field of study that has been of great interest to me since my first year of college. By further looking into this field, and looking at Loyola’s psychology program allows me to further understand how the Jesuit tradition influences the psychology program offered at Loyola. When considering Martin’s discussion of vocation I began to consider why I have an interest in psychology, and if my intended career is my vocation. Put good topic sentence here
Using the department of psychology webpage gives insight to the goals, and how the department is defined. The department of psychology is dedicated to research, teaching, and service to students, the university, and the wider public (Quote). The Department of psychology handbook gives an in depth description of the programs offered by the University. The program that uses psychological principles to help overcome individual and social problems. In addition, this program prepares professionals to use the application of psychology to take social action. Graduate programs in psychology describe course work that relates to the Ignation values. To be more specific the graduate programs at Loyola emphasize the importance of social justice by contributing to healthy development in all persons, as well as studying and developing solutions to issues present in society.
Additionally, faculty research profiles and psychology research laboratories at Loyola University Chicago provide evidence of the application of the definition given by the department. In particular, two faculty members are working to conduct research to improve the lives of individuals that face adversity while the other is conducting research to improve the child welfare system. Noni Gaylord-Harden Ph.D., an as...

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... However, Martin’s discussion did make me reflect on my reasoning behind choosing to major in psychology, and pursuing clinical psychology. In fact, I went through a thought process in which I thought about why I want to pursue clinical psychology over other options. The reason is that I have a desire to aid people with mental illnesses. Attending a Jesuit university makes a difference because there is a strong commitment to social justice. This value of social justice is extremely important to me, and the university reinforces that idea in multiple ways. This allows me to continue to have the mindset that I am earning this degree, but by doing so I need to aid others in society using my knowledge and training. Overall, I believe that attending a Jesuit institution gives me an advantage because I am constantly reminded of my responsibility to the rest of society.

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