Psychological Theories Of The Cognitive Triad Essay

Psychological Theories Of The Cognitive Triad Essay

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The cognitive triad are three forms of negative thinking that are typical of individuals with depression. These are mainly negative thoughts about the self, the world and the future (Psychological Theories of Depression). As these components interact, they are seen to interfere with normal cognitive processing. This leads to impairments in perception, memory and problem solving with the person becoming obsessed with negative thoughts. This is represented in the feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness that are seen in many depressed individuals. This can also lead to suicidal behavior, feeling like the world is not worth living in any longer. Beck also believed that people prone to depression develop an entire negative self-schema. This means the individual has an overall negative and pessimistic look towards one’s self. He believed this stemmed from the past, such as childhood bullying or the death of a parent, even possible abuse. Lastly, Beck suggested that people with negative self-schemas are more prone to making logical errors in their thinking, because they are so caught up in the bad to see any good. Thus stating that they tend to focus on the negative, rather than looking towards the positive. By focusing on life in this manner, Beck suggested that they are distracted and then make wrong logical decisions, thus ending in a wave of depression (feeling of I’m not good enough). The majority of the cognitive field of psychology believes depression in this manner, and it does make sense. Our self-image can play a role in mental illness and the severity, but it is a little overboard to assume that is the entire issue.
The psychodynamic model of psychology is the most famous model of psychological abnormality. Psychodynamic ...

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...n. One life change that he focused a large amount of research on is depression can be connected to loss or rejection by a parent early on in life. Depression is much like grief in this sense, it is a reaction to the loss of an important relationship or person. These findings are supported better than most other research in the field of psychology. But there are still room for so many questions.
Lastly I will introduce the behavioral theory of psychology. The behavioral theory of psychology is the branch of psychology that focuses on people’s behaviors. This includes their actions, emotions, and thoughts. It also focuses on how the environment can shape our behaviors. The primary focus is on observational behavior and conditions through which people will learn certain behaviors. This is mainly through the processes of classical conditioning and operant conditioning.

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