The Psychological Development Of Alcoholism Essay

The Psychological Development Of Alcoholism Essay

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Could our psychological development be mainly hereditary, affected by the environment or both? Many psychologists have often questioned whether our personality traits are inherited as a result of genetics; or if they are caused by their surrounding environment through life experiences, the way we were taught, or where we grew up, and therefore learned. We share our parents ' DNA in the physical sense. I might have long legs like my mother and green eyes like my father, but where did I get my love to paint, or my natural athletic abilities.

So, is Joseph Hillstrom King (Joe Hill) a writer because he and his father, Stephen King, share an artistic "gene" that makes them want to write? Or is Joe Hill a writer because he grew up in a house with Stephen King, where he learned to love the things his father loved to do?

One of the many human behaviors seen in literature is alcoholism. It is known that many writers used alcohol and sometimes abused its consumption to get “inspiration” during the process of writing. Ernest Hemingway is one of many alcoholic writers. In a letter he wrote to Ivan Kashkin, a Russian translator and critic in 1935, he explains his love of alcohol: “… I have drunk since I was fifteen, and few things have given me more pleasure…” [1] Hemingway had the same capacity for alcohol that his characters did. In “The Sun Also Rises” Jake Barnes and Brett Ashley drank three martinis a piece before lunch, which was accompanied by five or six bottles of red wine. [2]

Alcoholism is a term used to describe people with alcohol problems. It refers to alcohol addiction, which is the compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages. One out of 2 Americans report drinking on a routine basis, making the ...

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...ressful conditions. “Some researchers have found that high levels of stress may influence drinking when alternative resources are lacking, when alcohol is accessible, and when the individual believes that alcohol will help to reduce the stress”. [10] However, studies indicate that the severity of stress in people who drink to manage economic, job, or marital problems, can be linked to a greater level of alcohol consumption.

In our society, it is acceptable for people to use alcohol when they are feeling down. On TV people are often shown drinking after losing a job, getting divorced or after experiencing a major disappointment. Nonetheless, although scientific research indicates heredity plays some role in developing alcoholism, which could be exacerbated by a family history of alcohol use, these circumstances do not result in a person becoming an alcoholic.

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