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When society thinks about people drinking alcohol, the first assumption is that there is a drinking disorder occurring. There are thousands of ways to get help and for one to learn the correct way to drink alcohol. Society, however, doesn’t realize that there are steps and reasons alcoholism occurs within society.
Alcoholism is an illness that is directly associated with persistent and excessive use of alcoholism (Mascott). According to Cunha, there is not a well-established cause for alcoholism but however there is a growing evidence for it being genetic. Recent research, believe that a gene (D2 dopamine receptor gene) that, when inherited in a specific form, might increase a person's chance of developing alcoholism. There are also a variety of elements that may trigger to the problem of alcoholism such as the environment around there such as family members, peers and availability of alcohol. Alcoholism is the physical and mental addiction to alcohol (Right Diagnosis).
Alcoholism affects the cerebral cortex, the thalamus (communication within the brain), the hypothalamus (releases hormones in response to stress and other stimuli), and hippocampus (the lower area of the front part of the brain, involved in learning and memory). Another brain structure is the cerebellum the base of the brain, which plays a huge role in posture and coordination and learning simple tasks ("Alcoholism and the Brain: An Overview"). As "Alcoholism and the Brain: An Overview" states that there are thousands of neurotransmitters, four neurotransmitters that are affected by alcohol, one of them is serotonin it increases in the body. A high level of serotonin affects the brain by making the body addictive to alcohol. People later become active to alcohol ...

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