Essay on Psychiatric Hospitals and Restrain and Seclusion

Essay on Psychiatric Hospitals and Restrain and Seclusion

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Every school, psychiatric unit should always make an effort to prevent the need for restraint and seclusion. Everyone has their own opinion on how they feel about these two issues and what the laws should be set on. School policies on seclusion and restraint will always differ from the psychiatric unit’s policy since they are two different environments and may deal with different clientele. There have been many laws that have been set and also changed throughout the years regarding how you should and shouldn’t restrain a patient or student because you could eventually seriously injure them. It can also be bad to seclude a student or patient because they could do multiple things to hurt themselves when they are being secluded.
Seclusion and restraint started out in psychiatric hospitals and have now evolved into many schools. Restraint started out in England in the mid 19th century after having a history of poor conditions. Since Americans did not open up their first state- run mental hospital until 1822, they were unaware of the negative history that happened during the British reformation ("Human Side of Hospitals"). The American physicians thought that the restraints were keeping their patients safe when it was actually mistreatment of their patients. Anything that can be used to restrict the movements of a patient is a form of restraint. Things used as restraints can be leather or velcro wristlets or anklets that are used to hold the patient or attach them to their bed, lock them in their room, or by using sedating chemicals.
The Quakers finally invented the straight jacket because they were trying to help the American psychiatric patients be able to regain control of themselves. The straightjacket covered the entire body f...

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...the student out of the situation and the other staff help by holding doors open or doing what they can. Students are not allowed to be left alone in the seclusion room even if another situation occurs. Staff should receive training for seclusion and restraint only if the schools are going to implement it, and that is so they do not harm the students during those situations. The positive side to this is that it can bring calmness and bring him to get himself together so that he can be able to go back into the classroom with the rest of his peers. The negative side is that it could be a scary sight for other students because they might not understand what is going on. In the public school that they are in they do not seclude or restraint any of the students no matter what the circumstances are they just help the child gather their emotions and get them under control.

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