The Effects of Seclusion and Restraints on the Treatment Outcomes of Patients in Mental Health Ward

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Introduction This literature review is focusing on discussing the effects of seclusion and restraints on treatment consequences of patients in mental health area. Seclusion and Restraint are used for controlling the behavioral patterns of the mentally ill patients in different surroundings consisting of psychiatric management facilities and hospitals (Kentley, 2009). Over past decade, comprehensible consensus has come out that seclusion and restraints are secure interventions of last alternative and application of those interventions should and can be diminished significantly (Knight, 2011). However, recent studies indicated that it is traumatic for patients experiencing or witnessing restraint and seclusion traumatic; patients can feel high levels of anxiety, fear, and anger once aware that restraint is going to take place, sometimes it could resulting in an exacerbation of patient’s mental status (Stewart et al, 2010). Due to the humanitarian, ethical, and legal issues which could lead to, seclusion and restraints are known as the most controversial management strategies (Holmes, Kennedy & Perron, 2004). Previous studies and researches could not analyze this topic adequately; thus, further researches and studies related to the effects and risk managements of using seclusions and restrains will be discussed in below. Methodology A number of different methods were applied in order to gather articles for this review. To narrow the search focus and to avoid vague information relevant nursing journals; mental health related publications; articles on seclusion and restraints effects on treatment outcomes were analyzed for availability and appropriateness of articles. The secondary research was further restricted to 2004 and newer... ... middle of paper ... ...y of international trends. Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology , 45 (9), 889 - 897. Stewart, D., Merwe, M. V., Bower, L., Simpson, A., & Jones, J. (2010). A Review of Interventions to Reduce Mechanical Restraint and Seclusion among Adult Psychiatric Inpatients. Informa healthcare, 31 (6), 413-424. doi:10.3109/01612840903484113 Symonds, J., & Huckshorn, K. A. (2004). SECLUSION & RESTRAINT Q&A/Response. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services , 42 (12), 8. U.S. Department of Education. (2010). SECLUSION AND RESTRAINT STATUTES, REGULATIONS, POLICIES,AND GUIDANCE, BY STATE AND TERRITORY. Sande, R. V., Noorthoorn, E., Wierdsma, A., Hellendoorn. E., Staak, C. V., & Mulder, C. L. (2013). Association between short-term structured risk assessment outcomes and seclusion. International journal of mental health nursing , 22 (6), 475 – 484.

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