Providing Support to Children and Families From Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Backgrounds

Providing Support to Children and Families From Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Backgrounds

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In this essay a range of strategies to support children and their families from culturally and linguistically backgrounds will be discussed using different perspectives and concepts.

As suggested by Kaiser & Rasminsky (2003) “culture is like a second skin and it only becomes visible when we brush up against one that is different” (p.53).Culture is important part in our lives , it can include the food we eat , beliefs , values and the way we look at our world. As a teacher it is important to understand our own culture, before we try to understand children’s and families culture. The values, beliefs that teachers has developed from her/his past experiences has an influence on how and what they teach the children , so teachers should try not to let their personal views interfere with their teaching .Language is the way we communicate with one another around us, only through language we are able to convey verbal messages across. As teacher we need to have that openness, so that we can value the differences and make the families and children belonged at centres.

New Zealand has now become a multi-cultural country. We have families coming from different places around the world, who have come here with their cultural experiences, languages, values and beliefs . The most important strategy in order to support families and children from diverse backgrounds is by working alongside with the families and their children because through this teacher’s will be able to respect and have a better understanding about different cultural backgrounds. Our centre is multi-cultural, as a teacher I want to be there with the children and support their language. Having a good communication and collaborative relationships with the families are...

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... around us , because if we are not able to understand the different cultures , then we will not be able to support children in their daily learning. We should allow children to communicate in their home language every day , so that it remains as a treasure in their life.

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