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Protestant And Roman Catholic Church Essay

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Today there are many types of Protestants and Roman Catholic Churches. For example Anglicans, Lutheran, Calvinist, and there are many more, but during the sixteenth century those churches were the major reforms of the Protestant and Roman Catholic Reformations. You may ask yourself why? Well the purpose of this essay is to find out what caused the reformation, How did the reformers attempt to change the church and what where the effects on the reformation.
Before the Reformation took place, the Roman Catholic Church was very powerful politically and spiritually in Western Europe. The popes and clergy that ruled the church began to live the fancy lifestyle at the expense of the people. The Church increased fees, and began selling indulgence which was a piece of paper that the church sold to reduce the amount of punishment one had to undergo for their sins. The corruption of the clergy- leaders within the church and giving up on education, led to people believed “that those in the Catholic Church in power had lost touch with their own spiritual tradition” (Fisher 333) and they began to call on the church to make changes. Unsatisfied with the Roman Catholic Church Martin Luther one of the most important in the reformists posted his Ninety-five Theses in which were a list of statements that expressed Luther 's concerns about certain Church practices.
This action sparked the Reformation of 1517. Other reformers like, John Calvin and Henry VIII also challenged the pope’s authority and questioned the Catholic Church’s ability to define Christian practice.
The sixteenth century the Protestant Reformation which was a European movement allowed religious reformers to break way to their own churches. The Reformation began with the ...

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... Church, which cause major religious changes across Europe during the 1500s transforming worship, politics, society, and basic cultural patterns. The protestant reformation movement enabled the Counter Reformation for the Roman Catholic’s and greatly influenced many changes, but most importantly the spread of “nearly 21,000 independent churches denominations, falling under 156 main groups”. (Fisher 335) during the reformation area Lutheran, Calvinist, Anglicans, Protestant and Roman Catholics were the major reforms of the Protestant and Roman Catholic Reformations. The main idea of the reformations was to break away to form their own churches.
“Millions of Protestants across the world still look to events in the 16th century as inspiration... It is a story of spiritual liberation, of people casting aside the shackles of theological and moral servitude.”(Marshall 1)

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