The Pros and Cons of Internet Communication Essay examples

The Pros and Cons of Internet Communication Essay examples

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The Internet is a global system of interconnected computers that connect different networks together and each network communicates the wide range of private, public, business and government sub networks. The creation of internet went back to 1960s where it was developed as a part of the United States military research. Nowadays, internet makes the working hours and its location more flexible than in the past, particularly through the wireless network which supports some devices like mobile phones and laptops. Moreover, with the increasing and the extensive use of internet especially during the last ten years major developments have taken place in the field of communication. However, this rapidly growing invention has had a controversial effect on the way people communicate. For the purposes of this essay I will carefully discuss some of the effects of computer on the people’s attitude, both positive and negative, toward communication.

Many researchers examined the effect of internet on communication, and others investigated and made comparisons between different types of internet- mediated communications against another, for instance, email versus chat. Some people argue that numerous positive changes have happened in the ways of communication between individuals since the internet has been developed. First is the cost effectiveness of internet, internet is no longer an expensive appliance; it has become an everyday appliance for large proportion of individuals all over the world. The cost is one of the major advantages of internet; it is much cheaper for people to communicate through internet than using phones or letters.

One form of the internet based communication is videoconferences that are commonly used by doctors in...

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...o- face conversation, thus will reduce many misunderstanding and misleading conversations. Internet-mediated communication provides people all that they dream of in communication, especially with my tight study schedule. It is much cheaper, more reliable, and more convenient of time and place than other types of communication. Those improvements in the quality of Internet speed and security should take place. Internet-mediated communication should be available to all people of all ages worldwide. Elderly people should be encouraged to use internet as way of communication with their local health service thus better service will be delivered to them. It will be necessary for parents to observe their children during their chat conversations, and it is their duty also to encourage them to socialize with other people especially those who are from the same age group.

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