Essay on The Prophet Muhammad - Peace For Raising The Level Of Arab Civilization

Essay on The Prophet Muhammad - Peace For Raising The Level Of Arab Civilization

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Of the Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him the greatest credit for raising the level of Arab civilization, after the Dark Ages in Europe, and eras of ignorance in the Arabian Peninsula, and in this article we are trying to prove this fact, not only from the mouths of Muslim scholars, even from the mouths of thinkers and researchers from non-Muslims.

Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him - made from Arab tribes Nation:
Says evlin Cobbold : "It was the Arabs before Muhammad - peace be upon him - a nation does not like her, nor the importance of tribes, nor to her group, and when he came Muhammad - peace be upon him - sent this nation a new, sent a right to be closer to the miracles deceived the world and sentenced the deadlines and deadlines, the Prophet - peace be upon 've managed him - do miracles and wonders, to be able to carry this Arab nation strong stubborn to renounce idols, and acceptance of divine oneness, I 've according to create Arabs a new creation, and taking them from darkness to light " [1 ] .

It has been Arab life before Islam mainly based on private stereotyped; tribe is the social and political organization, which includes a person 's life in the tribe, was the affiliation of the Arab pre-Islamic affiliation tribal, and there is no united tribes operation Association and collected, but on the contrary; tribes were rival warring, and if What has alliances tribal, to advocate tribe on the other, and in particular were Arab tribe made an independent political unit. Hence the coup that brought about the Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him - deep in the life of the Arabian Peninsula; it was able to militancy to its policy dictated by the spirit of Islam that prevents this Independent tribal units and rise out of th...

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...principle of unification, but also civil and literature instill in which" [8].

And speaks American researcher George de Tolds (1815-1897) , about the virtues of the Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him - on the Arabs while being transferred from barbarism to civil, and the role of the message in the switch ethics Arabs ignorance, while Omar faith in their hearts, he says:
"It is gross injustice to close our eyelid right Muhammad - peace be upon him - and the Arabs on what taught them from the savagery before his mission, and then how the changed situation after the announcement of his prophecy, and showed Islamic religion of the light in the hearts of millions of those who embraced all the longing and admiration of the virtues; therefore, doubt in Mission Muhammad, peace be upon him - but it is a doubt in the divine power, which includes the whole organisms " [9] .

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