Project Management Department Of Civil And Building Engineering Loughborough University

Project Management Department Of Civil And Building Engineering Loughborough University

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The preparation of this dissertation would not have been possible without the support, hard work and endless effort of a number of people. In the first place I would like the thank God almighty for all the blessing and guidance throughout my life.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my academic supervisor professor Wayne Lord, for his meticulous support and guidance and inspiration throughout this dissertation. I consider it a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with him and gain from his invaluable knowledge and expertise. I am so grateful to have studied under the able leadership of all the teachers from the construction project management department of civil and building engineering Loughborough University.

I appreciate and acknowledge the backing from my parents throughout the program.
Without their help, the data collection process would not have been so smooth and the data would not be of such high quality.

I would like to heartily thank my fiancée Jenita for guiding me and being with me in my difficult times. A special thanks to my friends Zack and Jay for their unconditional support in my time of need. I would also like to thank my classmates for helping me through this project.

Finally, I thank all the respondents for their willing help, without which this research could not have been successful.


The last few years in the business history of the United Kingdom has witnessed the ups and downs in terms of business collaborations such as in the case of collaboration between UK and Vietnamese technology companies or so. The business and legal experts were curious to know the reasons behind the development. On the bright side, there were emergence of Asia and Africa as attractive inves...

... middle of paper ...

...gure 6: summary of barriers to collaboration 40

Figure 7: Question 5 - is high cost of collaborations a reason for the lack of impetus in collaborative efforts? 42

Figure 8: Figure 8: question 6 - do conflict of interest situations affect collaborative efforts? 45

Figure 9: Question 7 - how often do both parties work together currently in case of a deadlock? 47
List of tables

Table 1: Tme horizon 28

Table 2: Views of professors 53

List of Abbreviations

SME Small or Medium Enterprise
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
LLP Limited Liability Partnership
FTSE Financial Times Stock Exchange
PSC Public Service Commission
OFT Office of Fair Trading
FSA Financial Services Authority
CMA Comparative Market Analysis
UK United Kingdom
EU European Union
JV Joint venture
NES National Electrical Code
CIOB The charted institute of building
JCT Joint Contracts Tribunal

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