Production Of Ethanol Should Not Take Place

Production Of Ethanol Should Not Take Place

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Everyday we take some form of energy. Energy through food, energy through heat to keep us warm, and energy for fuel. And I mean gasoline , gasoline is a necessity that keeps our infrastructure and economy running. However the price of this necessity has risen from a dollar to three dollars, and it’s been coupled with our ongoing fight against global warming.

Due to this and many more reasons, the State of Union address the 20 by 10 Plan, that is a reduction of gasoline usage by 20% by the next ten years. And filling that void using alternative fuels such as ethanol. Though the 20 by10 Plan may be beneficial for the called for implementation of alternative fuels.
For one the production of ethanol would be harmful to us in the fight of global warming, it’s not cost effective, and three it is not as efficient as those who thought of ethanol before.

How is it that such a fuel would be considered a green fuel when it’s not effective in our fight against global warming? How is it that a fuel that seems to be cheaper than gasoline would not be cheaper than gasoline? And how is it that in many situations ethanol would not be as efficient as some had thought it before?

These are some of the points that are argued today. And they come down to three categories. The environment, cost, and efficiency
Those in favor and against are based on these, and many more categories. But when it comes down to the facts and the figures present, the negatives outshine the positives. And the production of ethanol should not take place.

How is it that the production of ethanol hurts our environment. That is the impact on the environment and the impact on us. The first point that favors the pressure of ethanol on our environment is the fact that it reduces how many carbon particles we admit into the atmosphere. The more carbon particles we have in the atmosphere the more of our radiation gets trapped and the more energy comes back to us, and thus global warming.
Likewise if you produce ethanol, it’s a fuel that we’re allowed to grow and reap for again. That means we control the carbon carmine cycle.
However as Dan Becker, head of the Sierra Club Global Warming Program, states “ There are many ways that ethanol would be a disaster for the environment.

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One of those ways is for the production of ethanol. In fact during the production of ethanol nitrus oxides are released, they are three times more potent than carbon dioxide, meaning thallous will be relaeased in the atmosphere and trapped there. And they’re going to regate a lot more energy back. So the future we’ll still be against global warming. But it’s going to be against nitrogen.

Secondly the production of ethanol produces waste product in a 10 to 1 ratio meaning we produce ten liters of waste water for one liter of ethanol produced This waste water is filled with oil, debris, dirt, and ethanol fluid. To the point where it cannot be used because corn loses more nitrogen per acre, the excess nitrogen pollutes and removes oxygen. This might not hurt our generation, but future generations will when the fight for fresh water is in short supply.
How is it that a fuel that seems to be cheaper than gasoline would not be cheaper than gasoline? Ethanol has been staying at an average of $2.90 to $2.80 a gallon for the last many so years. For as the price of gasoline has gone up from an average of about $3 down to higher. Likewise, the price of ethanol has been cheaper, but according to a article in the Nercologist Magazine “The price of ethanol is only as cheap as this because of government substaderies, these have allowed the farmers who produce corn who produce ethanol to pass on the same to the average consumer. You and me. If those substaderies end, the price of ethanol will sky rocket. In fact it costs about $1.88 to produce one liter of ethanol. Where as it costs 30 cents to produce gasoline.
Secondly as stated by Dan Becker of Environmental Economics “that ethanol production will double in 2009 and corn prices will be the highest they’ve ever been. Likewise due to this; there will be many more reasons that we’ll be paying more every single time we go to buy food at the grocery store to get the energy that keeps us going for corn-based foods. Such as corn flour, starch, and more. We’re going to be paying more all round.
Third point, how is it that ethanol is used in many situations, but it’s not used as an efficient fuel? Well, again there’s positives and negatives. The positive is that ethanol can be used in a wide array of situations. First of all you have E85 Flex cars produced by GM, they run on gasoline and ethanol. Secondly, N car drivers, F1 drivers, you name it use ethanol when it comes down to the personal or competitive level. Ethanol is used effectively in array of situations. But the production of ethanol is not efficient. In fact it takes 29% more energy to produce a certain amount of ethanol. This is a huge number because when it comes down to it as a nation we’re so dependant on energy. We’re going to have to spend a lot more and we’re going to have a energy imbalance when it comes to the production of ethanol. Secondly, the production of ethanol, in ethanol is a gas that evaporates at lower temperatures. When it comes down to our cars that have to be reprofitted and transportation costs would have to be higher because ethanol cannot be transferred through a pipe line. It would have to be transferred through trucks.
Instead of ethanol we can use an array of alternative fuels such as Biodiesel, which comes from animal fat and vegetable oil. It is said to produce less pollution than conventional diesel fuel that is based on petroleum. Willy Nelson, the famous crooner of country ballads is a huge advocate of using biodiesel for alternative fuel cars. Or you can use Natural gas, which is said to generate less pollution into the air as well as a smaller amount of greenhouse gases. There are not many alternative fuel cars that run on natural gas at present but with the leaps and bounds in science, it is only a matter of time before this may be a viable fossil fuel alternative to petroleum. Another is Hydrogen, which is a versatile source for alternative fuel cars. It can be produced from a number of fossil fuel sources such as nuclear power, coal and other sources of renewable energies. Hydropower fuel cell cars are powered by hydrogen and do not let off any harmful pollutants into the air.

To conclude, yes ethanol is helpful for it reduces our fight against the carbon carbon cycle, but the production of ethanol involves nitrus oxides, which hurts our environment deeply. Ethanol prices have been seen to be cheaper than gasoline, but if government substaderies end, we’ll be paying more every single time we fill up our tanks also we’ll be paying more on corn-based foods. And ethanol is efficient because it’s used in a variety of situations, but it’s not efficient overall because it takes a lot more energy to produce it, and also it has to be transported through trucks instead of pipe lines, which would need ethanol to get from place to place.
The implementation of the 20 by 10 Plan would be beneficial because it counts as production of alternative fuels. But the production of ethanol will not be beneficial because it is not seen as a help to environment, cost, or efficiency. You can find alternative fuel in a variety of ways. Doing the proper research on the best alternative fuels for cars is one of the best ways to lessen our dependence on foreign oil and to make positive changes that will address global warming and climate change. It takes changes in the way we handle our fuel need. And as a nation to depend on energy we need efficient fuel that we can get.

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