Biodiesel vs. Diesel

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A majority of the population probably uses diesel fuel in automobiles, and central heating systems to heat buildings and houses. However, diesel fuel is dangerous to the environment. There is another option that can be used in place of diesel oil to fuel cars and to heat buildings. “Biodiesel is a legally registered fuel, and fuel additive with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)”, and it is made from “vegetable oils, yellow grease, used cooking oils, and tallow” (“Biodiesel Production and Distribution”). Biodiesel fuel has many advantages over diesel fuel that allows it to be a better fuel than diesel fuel such as improving the environment, decrease the U.S. dependency on foreign petroleum, and reducing the amount of hurtful contaminants.
On the other hand, occasionally people think that biodiesel has more disadvantages than advantages. For example, biodiesel is “currently more expensive” than petroleum based fuels, and biodiesel is “not suitable for use in low temperatures” (“Biodiesel”). People also perceive biodiesel as a disadvantage since, there is a “concern of biodiesel’s influence on engine durability” (“Biodiesel”).
In spite of, some people thinking that biodiesel have further disadvantages than advantages others respectably disagree. Supporters of biodiesel have faith in biodiesel being worthy substitutes of diesel fuel since it can help improve the environment. “According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by at least by 57 percent and up to 86 percent with the use of biodiesel” (“What is Biodiesel?”).
Whereas those who are devoted to using diesel fuel in vehicles are causing harm to the atmosphere. A person who is simply driving from work to ho...

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...nd buildings while also helping to mend the environment, allows the U.S. to not have to rely on foreign petroleum, and can lower health risks for people. If you are not a fan of biodiesel you might want to become one, especially if you care about your health.

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