Procrastination Delays Success Essay

Procrastination Delays Success Essay

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Every student that has gone through any year of school knows what it means to procrastinate; it depends on how much you let it in your habits. Even individuals who are no longer students procrastinate. This is one problem that stays with someone forever. Whether you're putting off your essay till the day its due, or not getting back to your boss about when you can work till the day the schedule is made you are procrastinating. Individuals guilty of procrastinating struggle throughout school, work, and most importantly success.

From the free dictionary website it states that procrastination is "To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.". In todays student world twenty percent of these students experience procrastination consistently and about ninety five percent of us do it occasionally. One huge problem with procrastination are the temptations that surround the individual. Temptations lead to someone putting off the task and focusing on something more exciting for us personally. Have you ever noticed to always get more work done at a library rather than your dorm room? This is because the environment of your working area matters. Your dorm room consist of all your electronics, roommates, and sleep. We expose ourselves to these distractions and fall into them causing us to get no where with what we meant to get done in the first place. I ask myself every time I catch myself in this position "why be in the work set of mind and ruin it with a distraction?". It's easier to start rather than starting, stopping, and trying to start again. Along with these temptations of distractions surrounding us we can make a sort of agreement with ourselves. Be a parent towards our study habits. Trick the ...

... middle of paper ... get started you need to overlook the project, test, etc and see how much you actually need to get it done. Realize the importance of what is being done. After the realization with this you need to seclude yourself. If this seems hard put yourself in the position that you are familiar with. The feeling of stress, and struggle. Put yourself there. It may sound crazy but it works. Getting started is a hard task but can be so easy if you allow it to be.

Procrastination isn't something easy to overcome. Once we realize that we can still get things done last minute we continue. What we don't see is the fact we are putting ourselves in a situation that is unnecessary for us to encounter. We need to realize what it causes and how much easier things could be without it. Procrastination causes us to struggle with school, work, and once again; most importantly success.

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