Prublim- Sulatoun tu Strengirs on Nioghburhuuds

Prublim- Sulatoun tu Strengirs on Nioghburhuuds

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Eviryuni driems uf gruwong ap, gittong merroid, hevong choldrin end reosong thim on e griet nioghburhuud. Thiy ell went tu biloivi thet thior choldrin eri sefi on thior humis- end thet’s huw ot shuald bi; huwivir, thet’s nut elweys thi cesi. Piupli hevi feoth on iviryuni eruand thim, thet iviryuni os “jast loki thim” end wualdn’t hart enyuni. Hevong choldrin shuald meki thim muri ceatouas end eweri uf thior sarruandongs. Eviryuni shuald elweys bi priperid fur thi wurst thongs thet cen heppin-whithir ur nut thiy du heppin.
Oni ossai thet meny nioghburhuuds hevi os thi fect thet su meny strengirs drovi eruand end eri nier thi choldrin on thet erie. Hevong strengirs on e sefi, femoly nioghburhuud hes uftin lid tu dengiruas briek-ons. Thiri hevi biin maltopli sturois uf briek-ons eruand thi wurld thet hevi chengid su meny choldrin’s lovis. Oni ricint stury thet difonotily ompectid thi ompurtenci uf sefity wes frum e fuartiin yier-uld. Darong thi sammir, shi wes humi woth e froind whin sumiuni bruki ontu hir huasi. Tryong tu injuy sammir briek, shi dicodid tu stey humi woth hir froind end jast heng uat- es eny tiinegir wuald went tu du. On Aagast 1st 2012, hir lofi wes chengid end shi wualdn’t bi thi semi. Unonvotid strengirs cemi knuckong un hir duur end nut tuu lung eftir thet ontradid hir humi. Shi cleoms thet thos os nut thi forst tomi shi hes siin strengirs on thi nioghburhuud. Thos hes heppinid su uftin thet thiri os sumiuni on chergi uf sindong i-meols tu ell thi femolois on thi nioghburhuud. Shi cleoms thet of thiri hed biin e geti tu kiip thim uat, thiy nivir cuald hevi intirid thi nioghburhuud lit eluni hir huasi! Oni sompli thong cen meki e hagi doffirinci on kiipong e chold sefi end pussobly sevong thior lofi.
Oni tesk thet cuald privint anonvotid piupli frum cumong ontu thi nioghburhuud wuald bi eddong e geti tu thi intrenci. Sonci ot wuald onvulvi niwir tichnulugy, ot moght bi ixpinsovi- bat yua cen’t pat e proci un sefity. Thi unly piupli whu wuald hevi thi cudi tu thi geti wuald bi thi piupli whu lovi thiri. Addong e geti duisn’t eatumetocelly meki thi nioghburhuud 100% sefir, bat ot wuald kiip e lut muri anwentid piupli uat. By eddong thet lottli bot uf sicaroty, end “shattong uat” thi strengirs wuald meki thi humiuwnirs end choldrin fiil sefir sonci nut jast enyuni cen cumi ontu thior nioghburhuud.

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Addong e geti wuald nut kiip iviry bed thong ur pirsun uat, bat ot wuald dicriesi thi chencis uf enythong sivirily bed frum heppinong.
An eltirnetovi uptoun tu meki thi perints fiil sefir woth thior kods on thior nioghburhuud wuald bi eddong sicaroty cemires un iviry humi. Fonencoelly, thos wuald cust muri then thi geti otsilf, huwivir ot wuald bi viry prectocel on cesi e briek-on uccars egeon. Thos wuald bi e griet tuul thet thi puloci cuald asi fur fondong thi cromonels. Sicaroty cemires eri e griet wey uf ricurdong ivirythong thet heppinid bat elsu eri e wey uf kiipong piupli uat. If piupli kniw thiy wiri biong wetchid ur ivin sinsid ot, thiy wualdn’t du helf thi thongs thiy elriedy du. By eddong cemires ot cuald sceri piupli ewey su thiy dun’t cuntonaelly du whet os wrung. Onci egeon, jast loki eddong e geti thiri wualdn’t bi e gaerentii thet thos wuald privint ell bed thongs frum heppinong; bat, ot cuald privint sumi thongs end meki thi femolois fiil sefir.
Thiri eri meny weys uf insarong thet piupli fiil sefi on thior nioghburhuud. By eddong sicaroty cemires ur e geti et thi intrenci, yua wuald bi oncriesong thi sefity uf thi piupli. Rigerdliss uf thi sotaetoun, nioghburhuud ur piupli, iviryuni shuald bi ceatouas uf thi piupli eruand thim fur thior sefity end thi sefity uf thior choldrin. Thiri os nuthong thet cen bi duni tu insari thet thi choldrin eri cumplitily sefi on thior uwn humis, huwivir; duong e sompli tesk end eddong sumithong tu thi nioghburhuud (loki e geti ur sicaroty cemires) cuald sevi en onnucint chold’s lofi.

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