The Problem Of The Spanish Language By Max J. Castro, Ph. D, The Future Of

The Problem Of The Spanish Language By Max J. Castro, Ph. D, The Future Of

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In the online article by Max J. Castro, Ph. D, The Future of Spanish in the United States, the author effectively use logic and reasoning to explain why the longevity of the Spanish language is possibly threatened in the United States. The article states a lot of statistical information about Spanish as a language in the United States, including that it is predicted to be the largest Spanish speaking country in the world by 2050. Even today Spanish is by far the second most spoken language in America, aside from English. Although the amount of speakers is increasing so much, it’s also mentioned in the article, with large concern, that the language could end up depleting in the long term. This is a concern simply because of the history of other languages that are considered foreign in the U.S., such as German or Italian. They have all been diminished over the years, as the generations have forgotten the need to speak it. The growth of Spanish is mainly due to Hispanics migrating to North America looking for opportunities to improve their lives. Immigration is the main reason Spanish is still a major language in the U.S., without the sharing of borders between us and Mexico, the language would definitely have a much smaller base. There’s a plethora of information on reasons that Spanish speakers could be increasing or decreasing, but let’s look at specifics.
This article is all about the rates of Spanish speaking in the United States. It talks about the amount of people that speak it right now, and many other things. The article states that the reason Spanish speakers are increasing at such a rapid rate in the United States is because of immigration from South America and Mexico. The author also writes that many Spanish speakers al...

... middle of paper ...

...on their faces hoping that people will feel sympathy for them and be more inclined to help.
Overall Max J. Castro, Ph.D, the author of this article, has effectively used and appeal to the readers emotions, a mass of reasoning and logic using stats and date, and official sources for that data to get his point across. He conveyed the message that Spanish is threatened in the United States due to many reasons. In the future I can see this author being successful as they know how to write based on their audience. Castro appeals to his younger audience in many ways, most playing off their emotions. He knows that these are the people who he needs to reach with his words. The kids and young adults who should take pride in their culture, but maybe aren’t because of their parents or other factors. These are the people who are going to revitalize the language in the future.

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