The Problem Of Organized Crime Essay

The Problem Of Organized Crime Essay

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Organized crime has been one of the world’s largest problems in the last hundred years. The Mexican drug cartels have been a growing problem on the United States – Mexican border since the 1980’s. It has resulted in bloody conflicts and an increasing number of drug addicts. If something does not happen soon on a large scale, the violence will continue to spread rapidly as the cartels grow. After all this time a resolution is yet to be reached other than shutting down drug operations on United States soil. The solution is to militarize our side of the border and legalize the drugs the cartels sell.
Since the mid-1980’s, Mexican Cartels have terrorized the United States’ southern border. The Mexican drug trade came into power when “The South Florida Drug Task Force frightened off Colombia’s major drug trafficking organizations”, ending Colombia’s reign and allowing Mexico to be the main supplier in Central America (“Mexican” Web). The reason these cartels are able to operate is due to marijuana prohibition in both Mexico and The United States. Prohibition leads to a high demand for a substance. The cartels are able to set their prices high and sell to dealers and distributors in bulk. This also leads to different cartels competing violently over prices and territory. “America’s policy for almost 70 years has been to keep marijuana – arguably no more harmful than alcohol and used by 15 million Americans every month – confined to the illicit market, meaning we have given criminals a virtual monopoly on something U.S. researcher Jon Gettman estimates is a $36 Billion a year industry, greater than corn and wheat combined” (“Legalizing” Web).
The most horrible result of cartels on the border is the bloodshed they are responsible for. On ...

... middle of paper ... the United States – Mexico border. These cartels have caused relentless violence on both sides constantly since the 1980’s. The Mexican drug cartels make most of their profits on American soil and use guns they purchased easily in The United States. They are growing in size every year and spreading their territories further into The United States. The only solution is to militarize the border with United States soldiers and then quickly legalize and decriminalize recreational marijuana. The United States government needs to stop the Mexican drug cartels from entering the United States, and if the United States government legalizes and decriminalizes recreational marijuana they will have no market in the United States – it would end their monopoly on marijuana sales. Until this happens, the violence will continue, and the cartels will continue to grow exponentially.

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