Drug Effects on the Community

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Do people ever think about the consequences about drug abuse? Not many of us do but we all know what it does to us. Drugs are harmful to the brain and the body system itself; they affect the heart in many ways and because of that people become unconscious as to what their actions are. They do not realize how badly they can harm the community around them. Drugs are normally used by those who are not involved in activities such as, religious clubs, sports, etc. The users are normally stressed out with life and at times they just need something to set their minds aside from problems which occur in their everyday life. There are many reasons as to why and how drugs affect the community around the drug user however; there are also reasons as to why a person may use or get involved with drug usage such as being poor or even the lack of socializing.
The main reason as to why people use drugs is because they don’t socialize much with the people around them. They believe that the further away they are from the rest of the world the better therefore when a person separates himself/herself they are actually leaving socializing and will sooner or later become lonely and feel left out leaving them with no self confidence as to having friends or any loved ones. As time goes by, these people who have no one to socialize with believe that they can set their minds off of it by smoking or sniffing drugs. Moreover, they believe that the more drugs they buy from others, the more friends they make, the more they are socializing but in the wrong way. It is not only the drugs affecting the community but it is the community affecting itself.
The community has so much racism involved between all cultures and ethnicities that people try to ignore the fact about who and what they are. The racist’s acts and comments cause all types of hatred such as the Caucasians wanting to be Black and/or the Blacks wanting to be Caucasian. The blacks and whites aren’t the only type of people who are at times racist against each other but there are other groups such as the Indians verses the Pakistani’s who are racist at times also. Racism causes self consciousness and that leads to drug abuse because they believe that it will take the thoughts out of their minds. Not all types of drugs are as harmful such as m...

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...they should talk to a family member or even a close friend before they do something they will regret. Smoking drugs and/or sniffing them is easy and may be fun however, there are consequences with using them and sharing them with others. The people taking drugs should try to help themselves before they can try to help someone else with any problem.
Stress is no reason for taking drugs unless the person has no other way to go except for that. Stress is common in all ages and sizes no matter how perfect their life might be because we always try to be better than what we are. We try to succeed in things no matter how much effort and work we have to put into it. Working hard and trying to be the best is hard so people stress over it however, smoking is not going to solve the stress. Psychiatric help is the best way to go when dealing with such issues.

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