The Problem Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse Essay

The Problem Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse Essay

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Toledo faces many problems now a days, but there 's a bigger problem than most of these. The big problem that Toledo faces now is drug and alcohol abuse. Drug and alcohol abuse is a common problem anywhere but this is the biggest problem that Toledo faces right now. Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to many things, and it commonly leads to negative outcomes. There are several solutions to stop drug and alcohol abuse before it happens or even after they have started using drugs and or alcohol. There are very severe impacts when someone is to misuse alcohol or drugs.
There are several impacts on the drug or alcohol abuse, but it can affect the family and friends that follow behind that person. The biggest concern of an abuser is death. “There are probably three or four times as many deaths that are heroin-related that aren’t being reported” (Vanover). Many people haven’t seen drug and alcohol abuser rates this high, and it’s just continuing to grow. “Cliff Lew is a recovering addict, he’s been clean for 24 years. He says he’s never seen anything like this ‘It’s killing them left and right and i mean they’re young’” (Means). The community is full of people who use drugs and alcohol and no one really blinks an eye at it, it’s a new norm. Other problems that abusers encounter is relapsing. Many people who are to get help commonly relapse or find a new substitute. Whos the one to say if this new substitute is any better than the drug they were using before they got help?
Some other impacts of drug and alcohol abusers is hurting the family and friends, mentally and physically. The abuser tends to end up stealing from family and friends, turning family and friends against the abuser. Along with stealing, the abuser could possibly harm t...

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...facility is the best place and the best way to get help. These facilities are equipped for whatever that may walk through the facility doors. Many, if not all facilities are open 24 hours to ensure everyone is getting the help that they need, when they need it whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the day. Education and awareness of the negatives of drug and alcohol abuse only goes so far and not everyone may even care. Classes over the negatives of drugs and alcohol may not even affect the abusers thoughts over drugs and alcohol. Along with the classes, interventions with family and friends are great, but some people may not have contact with their family or may not even have family that it affects. The family might just bash on the person who is trying to get help. Treatment and rehabilitation facilities is the place to go for help when it is needed.

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