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The Problem Of China And Singapore Essay examples

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China and Singapore
Over population is a concerning issue in China and Singapore because of the lack of family planning it affects the depletion of jobs and natural resources, crime rates increase, and it cost more for living. There is a lot of controversy over the topic of overpopulation but China and Singapore have experienced issues from overpopulation. The definition of overpopulation is: a function of the number of individuals compared to the relevant resources, such as the water and essential nutrients they need to survive. It can result from an increase in births, a decline in mortality rates, an increase in immigration, or a depletion of resources.
China and Singapore are both heavily populated with China having 1.357 billion in 2013 and Singapore with 5.399 million people. There are more than seven billion people on the earth and every year there is an addition of 80 million people (York). Issues rise with population growth such as having enough environmental resources to feed all of the people in a certain location. Sometimes people live in unsafe areas that weren’t meant to live; an example would be living in a place that in the past had floods.
Singapore and China are overpopulated which is causing stress on the people and the government. The issues of over population in China versus Singapore are different. In China that government wants to limit the births of its citizens to lower the population. In Singapore the people don’t want any more migrants to move in, but the government is encouraging the growth. Singapore became a successful country because of immigration and the government still wants to improve, but the people are concerned with the rate of overpopulation.
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